Free2Ride is clothing for extreme athletes, by the athletes that compete in the sports.

For years the krew have been around living the lifestyle - fast cars, moto-x jumping, training in fighting skills, fitness, making movies of the sports we can do which ranges from water, to dirt, to the boxing ring.

I Brian Farrugia, have started this brand from a tattoo I got a few years back. From there I used it on a custom painted helmet, then started putting it to clothes. Dvd's that we make on everything that can help generate wealth to keep supporting the athletes respected sports so they can train so much it becomes their 9-5 job competing. Turning amateurs into pro's. Building the happiest working environment doing what we love and still paying all the bills that come with life. Building the company to grow and achieve it's goals will help these athletes keep growing to the top of their sports and is my 9-5 job with help from my respected employees so lets keep up the good work and make an impact on the world.

Free 2 Ride will keep you posted til next time. Peace.